Foamcore, acrylic, adhesive, wire, LED lights

In historical frescoes and sculptures of St. Anne, she is often shown with her arms enfolding her daughter, Mary, and her grandson, Jesus. Anne’s arms are rounded from the shoulders, creating a dome-shaped framing device emblematic of protection. She becomes the shelter from the storm.
Anne’s iconographic dome, or half circle, is incorporated into the basic structure of my piece, Crystal, installed in the south belfry of the church. It is a deconstructed chandelier, made of strips of white foamcore, some covered with etched Japanese paper. The motif of the half circle also informs the embellishments of the chandelier: there are foamcore candles and hanging foamcore crystals suspended from semi-circular supports. Embedded miniature lights flicker like stars, alluding to the art deco stars painted in the central dome of the church and to Anne’s precious Mary who was known as the Queen of Heaven.

Zhan Zhang (production assistant) and April Gorday (lighting)

The exhibition was titled “Dwell”and was a collaborative project between Loop Gallery and St. Anne’s Church, Toronto. It ran Sept. 7 – 28, 2014.