Where she's at

York Quay Gallery , Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

Where she's at

Dismayed by the Infinite Sky
Medium: etched, inked and punctured copper plate with red LED rope light
Size: each head measures 72" x 60"



Dismayed by the Infinite Sky

Laurie Anderson, whose abiding fascination with the scientific and imaginative consequences of traveling in space, has said that lately she finds herself looking more often up at the sky. The two women in the piece 'Dismayed by the Infinite Sky' are positioned on the wall as if they are standing shoulder to shoulder, protecting themselves. They embody the anxiety that people in contemporary society feel about the destructive impulses that seem to threaten them. As well, they express the wonder that people of all ages have felt when they look up and consider questions about time and life. The drilled holes in the copper allude to the present and the past. On one hand, the holes mimic the puncture points evident in medieval cartoon drawings copied onto plastered church walls. On the other hand, the holes reference our contemporary obsession with marks on the body, both voluntary (tattoos) and involuntary (disease). Beyond that, one is reminded of the mapping of constellations and the mediation between the human drama and the infinite sky in the narratives involving the stars.

"Where she's at" was organized by Libby Hague and also included work by Hague, Wanda Koop, Barbara Balfour, Leesa Streiffler, and Tanya Mars.